• My New Nourishing Tallow Face Cream!

    Have you ever used tallow aka beef fat in your skincare routine? No? Well me neither until I started researching tallow and found out about some pretty interesting science behind why beef fat is so good for our skin. As someone who stopped eating meat for many years, I think I am still somewhat weirded…

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  • wildcrafted charcoal natural deodorant!

    wildcrafted charcoal natural deodorant!

    Introducing my new wildcrafted natural deodorant I’m still tweaking this formula but it’s almost perfect. I wanted to only have a solid version in eco-cardboard-packaging (I’ve been told men prefer this because they have such hairy armpits🐵; is this the right analogy?!) BUT I am personally way more obsessed with much buttery version in a…

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  • New Ginger Sweet Orange Scent

    New Ginger Sweet Orange Scent

    My new scent ‘ginger sweet orange’ now available! It smells so good if you like that sweet & citrusy aroma🍊 Ginger gives it a small punch complementing sweet orange at the same time. This batch is made fresh using only natural ingredients! Hear what people are saying: It was a love at first sight! I…

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