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Detoxifying and nourishing at the same time, this charcoal natural deodorant is loaded with goodies like shea, mango and cocoa butters. Also apricot, coconut and sweet almond oils. Vegan candelilla wax. Arrowroot powder, diatomaceous earth, bentonite clay, magnesium hydroxide, charcoal powder and essential oils. For women, I created a beautiful Rose Geranium/Lavander scent and for those who prefer something woodsy, I came up with a Woodland Blend that smells like forest in the spring. This deodorant comes in a 50g tin can with about 60g of deodorant in total. It works and it lasts as you only need to apply a pea-size amount or less.

I have been using aluminum-free deodorants for about 5 years now. Before I decided to create my own, I always ended up switching around different products as some of them either gave me rash, stopped working or didn’t work at all. My charcoal magic is absolutely addictive, at least for me. I literally look forward to applying a dose of nourishing butter to my body every morning. It just feels really nice on my skin and knowing exactly what’s in it just makes it that much more enjoyable. But none of these characteristics would even be relevant if this deodorant wasn’t working. So that’s definitely the best part as this is the most effective deodorant I have tried on myself so far.

I hope you enjoy it too🌻

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