New Ginger Sweet Orange Scent

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My new scent ‘ginger sweet orange’ now available! It smells so good if you like that sweet & citrusy aroma🍊 Ginger gives it a small punch complementing sweet orange at the same time. This batch is made fresh using only natural ingredients!

Hear what people are saying:

It was a love at first sight! I started with Sweet Orange and Ginger face cream and was amazed by its silky texture and rich though elegant fragrance. It made me feel sexy and practically glowing! Later I tried the Lemongrass Geranium face cream too. It is light, fresh and so very invigorating.

Nadia August 03, 2020

Livia, The Orange-ginger face cream is my favourite. When applied the fragrance is mood-lifting… and aromatherapy kicks in. It is so buttery AND absorbs beautifully into my skin. My friend introduced me to the Clary Sage Bergamot which is also lovely. Thank you for formulating these creams. It is interesting that the cream helped someone’s dermatitis. We just have to look to nature for some cures.

SaQ June 13, 2020

Hi Livia, THANK YOU for personally delivering my moisturizer AND for my special treat. I LOVE IT! perfect timing, I was wanting a new and different lip balm… are sooooo wonderful …I’ll be adding that to my next order also:-)

Traci January 31, 2020

I love the orange ginger face cream. The citrus is amazing and the cream leaves the face soft and absorbs beautifully into the skin. Thank you Livia!

Leah January 23, 2020

Hi Livia, Thanks so much for the parcel. Lip balm is great. Face cream is excellent. It’s great on my legs for both my husband Gerry and I. We are both using it. I rub it on dry, rough patches on his forehead as well. It helps me with varicose veins too! My vascular specialist told me I don’t have to see him anymore as my legs have improved so much. Thank you so much. Edie.

Edith and Gerry May 28, 2019

I am continually impressed by this face cream! A little goes a long way. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and hydrated, and it smells delicious!

Lisa May 08, 2019

I have tried a face cream, a body lotion and a lip balm.
Absolutely love them, leaves you with a soft fragrance and smooth skin. Perfect for anybody with sensitive skin who wants a natural option.

Lisa Virkela April 06, 2019