Nourishing Tallow Lipbalm

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Tallow – aka holy grail of skin care as some like to describe beef fat nowadays (yes you heard that right!). And it is not surprising as tallow has been used in skincare for hundreds of years by our ancestors. Currently, there are virtually no natural skin care products available made with animal fats. Animal fats have slowly disappeared from our diets as well as from our skincare products. Compatibility of tallow with our own skin biology is astounding and compared to human sebum. Sebum that is extremely lubricating hence moisturizing for the skin. You will not have to apply and re-apply this lipbalm frequently as tallow will keep your lips perpetually moisturized. I decided to use Rose Geranium essential oil for this creation as it compliments all the other ingredients very well. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Grass fed tallow*, Rice bran wax, non-GMO Castor oil*, Raw Honey*, Red Raspberry oil* (natural SPF 25), Calendula oil*, Carrot Tissue oil, Vitamin E, Rose Geranium EO


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